Base Image Release sys_v2.2.0-scion_v0.32.3-1

This page contains the release notes for the sys_v2.2.0-scion_v0.32.3-1 Anapaya Appliance Base Image. The base image release is applicable for initial provisioning of the following Anapaya products:

  • Anapaya CORE

  • Anapaya EDGE

  • Anapaya GATE

We recommend always installing the latest available base image when provisioning appliances for the first time. For general information on how to install a base image, please refer to Installing the Appliance Base Image.

Anapaya-system package

The anapaya-system package v2.2.0 is used.

  • Adds package wireguard-tools to the anapaya-system package.

  • Performs security updates of the included packages.

Anapaya-scion package

The anapaya-scion package v0.32.3 is used. For more information, please refer to the release notes Appliance Release v0.32


  • Releases the base image as a qcow2 and an iso image.

  • Adds a base image installer that can install the base image with no user interaction.

  • The base image is based on Ubuntu 22.04.


The checksum of this base image version is:

  • ISO - Checksum (SHA-256): 11f1a1e6ecb1d9992da436f71c330253c887336384da4de86af52ad604c56213