Base Image Release sys_v2.8.0-scion_v0.35.1-1

This page contains the release notes for the sys_v2.8.0-scion_v0.35.1-1 Anapaya Appliance Base Image. The base image release is applicable for initial provisioning of the following Anapaya products:

  • Anapaya CORE

  • Anapaya EDGE

  • Anapaya GATE

We recommend always installing the latest available base image when provisioning appliances for the first time. For general information on how to install a base image, please refer to Base Image Installation.

Anapaya-system package

The anapaya-system package v2.8.0 is used.

Anapaya-scion package

The anapaya-scion package v0.35.1 is used. For more information, please refer to the release notes of Appliance Release v0.35


The checksums of this base image version are:

  • ISO - Checksum (SHA-256): ad1a8e6269a0b785a310beea544d81b00e3689d9e15b90b5db12b88c5db6476f

  • qcow2 (BIOS) - Checksum (SHA-256): ccb8bb5623c8f1fb355e9d0cc36e3b7010b846b59af98efd4c89b0c3ca459efd

  • qcow2 (UEFI) - Checksum (SHA-256): a65c65f26663887a230949a2ec308bc174dbc126898636450a1a8809c931b3fa

  • VMDK (UEFI) - Checksum (SHA-256): 5094c06d9786a0a6106b776fdc499314e46a86a2f1db9f401fe43d81333806e2