This guide explains how to troubleshoot BGP related aspects of the Anapaya appliances.

Current configuration and state

The current BGP configuration can be retrieved from the appliance using the following command:

appliance-cli get config -f body.config.bgp

To get the current BGP state of the appliance, connect to the BGP daemon’s interactive console and use the FRR CLI to show the BGP state:

docker exec -it frr vtysh
# Show BGP summary
show bgp summary
# Show FRR configuration
show running-config
# Show BGP neighbors
show bgp neighbors

Known issues

BGP route is not present on Linux

In some cases, routes learned via BGP are not present in the Linux routing table. If you think this is the case, you can check the BGP state and the Linux routing table to verify this.

First, check the BGP state:

docker exec -it frr vtysh
# Prefix should be listed with:
show bgp ipv4

Check whether the prefix is present in the Linux routing table:

# Check the Linux routing table
ip route | grep <prefix>

If the prefix is not present in the Linux routing table, you may Restart a service the BGP daemon and check the BGP and Linux state again.

docker restart frr