Base Image Release sys_v2.10.0-scion_v0.36.0-1 (2024-05-23)

This page contains the release notes for the sys_v2.10.0-scion_v0.36.0-1 Anapaya Appliance Base Image. The base image release is applicable for initial provisioning of the following Anapaya products:

  • Anapaya CORE

  • Anapaya EDGE

  • Anapaya GATE

We recommend always installing the latest available base image when provisioning appliances for the first time. For general information on how to install a base image, please refer to Base Image Installation.

Anapaya-system package

The anapaya-system package v2.10.0 is used. For more information, please refer to the release notes of System Package v2.10.

Anapaya-scion package

The anapaya-scion package v0.36.0 is used. For more information, please refer to the release notes of Appliance Release v0.36.


  • The boot partition size has been increased to 1GB.

  • When using non-interactive installation, the installer will now automatically configure the network interfaces eno4 (port 4 of the Anapaya L/XL types) and enp10s0f1 (port 8 of the Anapaya S type) with the IP address if present on the device. This is in addition to enabling DHCP on all interfaces. This change is to make it easier to connect to the appliance for the first time after installation when no screen or serial connection is available.


The checksums of this base image version are:

  • ISO - Checksum (SHA-256): 65eede3ee087b99d260b258ad5fe2218aa8008dad4b843c4a67d42e161aeb93d

  • qcow2 (BIOS) - Checksum (SHA-256): a1b1302d7ac74e5a3822e0dc8b88a7f4701c863f66239ed0f17c81b9faf55780

  • qcow2 (UEFI) - Checksum (SHA-256): d12fb4c3118a1648f2d55476940a62ffff97bfd6a04faf66f53b495b8e490315

  • VMDK (UEFI) - Checksum (SHA-256): d278d894d8517afddf50dfd66ca6aeec4517e8163581cb8e124df4bef694621f